himmo_help.pdf * 2Mb Tango + Barracuda Toyota-H Immobilizer All Keys Lost solution Help File Update January 2020
SLK-06_help.pdf * 574Kb Toyota-H Immobilizer All Keys Lost solution Help File April 2019
TangoPlus.rar * 525Kb TangoPlus contextual help file V6 February 2017
HITAG_Classification.pdf 244Kb Hitag classification as of Tango SW1.99
TEXAS_Emulators.pdf 259Kb Texas transponder emulators Classification
SM.Volvo.pdf 521Kb Guide for Synchro maker Volvo
Comp.Viewer.pdf 58Kb Guide for Component Security Viewer
7th_Byte.rar 104Kb Searching of the 7th byte by existing car’s key
WriteCS.rar 51Kb Write Component Security 7 bytes Tool (Megamos48)
TPmass.rar * 162Kb Help for TP22-25 mass production (Unlimited as of Tango SW1.67)
CloneDST.pdf 290Kb Currently supported transponder cloning can be viewed in (Tango Features PDF)
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